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LiFePO4 Battery

Lead acid replaces batteries-High quality and high cycle LIFEPO4 battery pack

Long cycle life, 10 times of SLA battery, high reliability.
Small size, light weight, higher energy density and environment friendly.
Wider working temperature range, excellent high and low temperature performance.
High efficiency, stable power supply, high power output.
Optional communication function, smart control.

  • Item Charge Voltage working current weight Size SLA 
    6.4V 5.4Ah 7.2V 2.7A 350g 70*47*101mm 6V 4.5Ah
    12.8V 1.8Ah 14.4V 0.9A 240g 97*43*52mm 12V 1.2Ah
    12.8V 5.4Ah 14.4V 2.7A 665g 90*70*101mm 12V 4Ah
    12.8V 9Ah 14.4V 4.5A 1.1Kg 151*65*93mm 12V 7Ah
    12.8V 14Ah 14.4V 7.2A 1.7Kg 151*98*94mm 12V 12Ah
    12.8V 30Ah 14.4V 15A 3.4Kg 181*76.5*168mm 12V 18Ah
    12.8V 36Ah 14.4V 18A 4.2Kg 175*1757*112mm 12V 24Ah
    12.8V 38Ah 14.4V 19A 4.4Kg 174*165*125mm 12V 24Ah
    12.8V 42Ah 14.4V 21A 5.2Kg 194*130*158mm 12V 33Ah
    12.8V 60Ah 14.4V 30A 6.4Kg 195*165*175mm 12V 40Ah
    12.8V 80Ah 14.4V 40A 9.5Kg 228*138*208mm 12V 55Ah
    12.8V 120Ah 14.4V 61A 13.1Kg 259*167*212mm 12V 76Ah
    12.8V 152Ah 14.4V 75A 16.5Kg 328*172*212mm 12V 100Ah
    12.8V 245Ah 14.4V 121.6A 26.5Kg 483*170*235mm 12V 150Ah
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