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What is the reason why mobile phone batteries capacity are not enough

The current battery life of smartphones seems to have not improved, and it is even more troublesome to disassemble the battery. Many people want to know what is the reason why mobile phone batteries capacity are not enough?
smartphone battery

1. Smartphone power consumption boost

Strictly speaking, mobile phone battery technology is actually improving, but this improvement is offset by the power consumption brought by the improvement of chip performance; and the increasing demand for power on the screen. The battery of the smartphone has slowly risen from less than 2000mAh. In 2019, most of Android smartphone can achieve 3500mAh capacity, and individual products can reach 4000mAh size.

Although the early Nokia mobile phone is very durable, in fact, the battery capacity is usually around 1000mAh; a few can reach 1500mAh capacity. The reason for the long life of the function machine is that the power consumption is small, the power consumption is slow, and the standby time is relatively long.

After the release of the Apple iPhone, the large-size touch screen became the new form of mobile phone. The mobile phone screen is just a big consumer of electricity. In the past, a feature phone could play for a few days; but after turning into a smart phone, the screen was big and the power consumption was fast.

The performance is greatly improved, the screen size is large, and the battery life of the mobile phone is shortened. The charging treasure has become one of the main ways to increase the battery life.

2. Battery cycle discharge times

Compared with the traditional battery technology, the current lithium battery has many advantages: it has larger capacity than the previous battery and has a long life. So why are smartphones battery not so durable now?

Because the battery life is not static, the capacity will be lost after a long time of use. Under normal use, the loss of the battery is related to the number of cycles of discharge (charging cycle), and most of the lithium batteries can have about 80% of the original battery capacity after in 500 times cycles.

Simply put, lithium batteries will become "lazy" during the reaction process, attached to the surface of the graphite structure, forming lithium dendrites, no longer involved in the charging and discharging process, resulting in battery capacity degradation. And this attenuation will accumulate as the number of uses increases, which is one of the important reasons why you think the battery is getting less and less durable.

How to extend smartphone battery life ?

There are many things to be aware of when extending the battery life, and the temperature needs attention. To ensure that the battery is at a reasonable temperature, the current indoor temperature is the best temperature for the smartphone battery.

Secondly, don‘t wait until only a few percent of electricity is left to think of charging your phone. The correct way is to charge when the battery is not enough. Don‘t be too low. The battery is too low, the damage to the battery is also very serious, and timely charging is also a kind of protection for the battery.

It‘s also a good choice to carry a Power bank with you~