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What are the advantages and disadvantages of 18650 battery and polymer lithium battery

1, 18650 battery is cylindrical, there is liquid inside, because of battery design and materials, 18650 is suitable for high current, so almost all notebooks, electric cars are designed with 18650 battery; only super notebook, because of energy saving, so can not be used 18650 battery and use polymer lithium battery, especially tablet computer; digital camera because of the charge and discharge of the flash requires large voltage and instantaneous high current, so only 18650 similar battery, but the volume is slightly smaller;

2, the advantages of polymer lithium battery, small size, large capacity, the disadvantage is that the life is shorter than 18650, because of the use of different designs and materials, some have liquid inside, some are dry or colloidal, and high current discharge performance Not as good as the 18650 cylindrical battery, so the need for large-capacity and small-volume electrical equipment, usually using polymer lithium batteries, the most typical performance is mobile phones, tablets and other equipment.

18650 battery and polymer lithium battery

In the current mobile power market, there are generally two types of batteries, one is 18650 batteries, and the other is polymer batteries. These two batteries dominate the market for the vast majority of the lithium battery industry.

18650 is the industry‘s saying, that is, the battery has a diameter of 18mm and a length of 65mm. The cylindrical battery is mainly produced by Sanyo, Panasonic, Samsung and Sony. There are also some manufacturers in China that produce 18650.

18650 capacity regular size:

Generally there are 2200mAh, 2400mAh, 2600mAh, 2800mAh capacity standard. At present, the 18650 has achieved a maximum single-block capacity of 3400 mAh.

18650 packaging:

18650 is generally packaged in steel, that is, 18650 lithium ions are in a liquid state, just like a cup filled with water, similar to this understanding. Therefore, the 18650 can only be cylindrical. If you buy a mobile power supply and see a thick and large mobile power supply, it is basically 18650 batteries.

Due to the particularity of the 18650 package (with steel shell), if the quality of the products produced is not enough, the biggest danger is the explosion. The explosion caused by the notebook in previous years is because of Sony‘s laptop battery (usually using 18650). There is a problem with quality control.

Lithium polymer battery cell:

The raw materials are generally mixed with lithium cobalt oxide, lithium manganate, and ternary lithium. Through a certain proportion of the three mixtures, a certain process is used to make the outer packaging mainly using aluminum plastic film, and the lithium material in the middle is paste. So the shape can be customized. At the same time, you can make ultra-thin batteries, such as ultra-thin batteries such as 0.33mm and 0.50mm.

Lithium polymer battery capacity:

Since the polymer battery can be of any size, it has no standard shape. The general volume is marked as long * wide * thick. In addition, the battery has a positive and negative tolerance, the length and width are 0.5 mm, and the thickness is 0.55 mm. The polymer is determined by the size of the volume, and is also related to the ratio of the lithium raw material.

The outer surface of the polymer battery is made of a layer of aluminum plastic film, and a layer of high-temperature adhesive tape is applied outside. The maximum safety of the polymer is that it leaks, short circuit, and causes the package to rise. The worst case is the burning and the flame. Therefore, compared with the 18650, the polymer battery is safer. However, burning also poses a safety hazard, so users who use mobile power are advised not to put the mobile power on the pillows, these places on the bed.

In the case of cell quality assurance, the size of the 18650 will be larger than that of the polymer, so the polymer cell will be lighter in terms of portability.