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What are the possible reasons for zero voltage or low voltage in polymer lithium batteries

What is the cause of zero voltage or low voltage in a polymer lithium battery? The possible reasons are as follows:

polymer lithium battery

1, polymer lithium battery external short circuit, such as a pile of batteries fell to the ground, the tab pole are short-circuited with each other, When the battery is on the cabinet, the positive and negative tab pole are on the same side, etc.

2, the polymer lithium battery internal short circuit, or micro short circuit, such as: Positive and negative pole tab glitch penetrating diaphragm paper touch short circuit, the diaphragm paper does not enclose the tab pole or just level with the tab pole, causing a short circuit, etc.

3, polymer lithium battery tab pole break

4, the tab pole rubber does not expose the packaging film, the tab pole is short-circuited through the aluminum foil of the middle layer of the package.

5, the polymer lithium battery has not ageing formation.

The above five points are the possible reasons for the zero voltage or low voltage of the polymer lithium battery. When this happens, you can check it one by one to see what is going wrong!

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